Bedford Falls

by Jim Hornsby

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released January 1, 2003

Jim Hornsby: vocals, guitars, Dobro, pedal steel, Melobar
Tony Davis: keyboards and programming
Tony Hornsby: bass guitar (tracks 2,3,7,8,11), acoustic bass (track 5)
Bradley Creswick: violin (tracks 4,5)
Jimmy Powells: mandolin (track 7 )
Dawn Grainger: backing vocals
Maddy: backing vocals (track 6)
Paul Smith: drums (tracks 2,6)


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Diesel Therapy Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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Track Name: Even Though
How many times have I told you
Told you all along
There ain't no future and the past is full of pain
The way we were was wrong
How many times did I hold you
Hold you all night long
We sailed dark oceans on a ship without a sail
The way we were was wrong

You lived your life for a reason
I lived mine for a song
Now it's come to open season
And it's my turn to sing along
Life is there for the taking
Has been all along
Now we're in the party season and it's our turn to sing along

And even though the cracks have shown
We've patched them up a time or two
We've got all the things that money can't buy
There's some things we gotta do
Track Name: I Know Who You Are
It's been another quiet day today
No ups, no downs, no troubled strife
From the armchair of complacency
I re-evaluate my life
We reach an age of expectation
One of wisdom, wit and light
But if there's nothing in this town for me
I think it's time to put things right

I can play this guitar, I can sit at the bar
Making small talk with the people of this town
I can tell right from wrong in the words of this song
'Cos I know who you are
Yes I know who you are

There are reasons to be cheerful
There are reasons to be sad
If you feel the need to hurt me
If my existence makes you sad

I can feel suspicion in your question
I can see the anger in your eye
Track Name: Look Who's Talkin'
We had this conversation ‘bout the weather once before
Bumped into each other just beside the grocery store
We nodded, smiled and turned our eyes quickly towards the floor
Look who’s talkin’
She said I’d like to marry you
I said can’t we just be friends
We’re only getting started and you’re lookin’ for the end
The kind of life you’re talkin’ ‘bout will drive us round the bend
Look who’s talkin’

I’m not the kind of guy who frightens easily
You mother and your father they don’t mean a thing to me
You brothers and your sisters and your cousins down the block
Bring ‘em all over honey

Should’ve read the signals, should’ve known the score
Should’ve learned the lessons of a million guys before
Then she shouted call me as I headed for the door
Look who’s talkin’

Now we’ve got three children, a mortgage and a car
Now I’m workin’ overtime and not on my guitar
She says I’m not the man she married
I’ll never be a star
Look who’s talkin’

We sit out in the garden sipping our red wine
We talk about the things to come, the things we’ve left behind
We wonder if we’ve got the will, the money or the time
Look who’s talkin’

Pickin’ on the dobro and playing my guitar
That’s the kind of life for me
That’s swingin’ on a star
Sometimes I wonder how we ever got this far
Look who’s talkin’
Track Name: Bayou Rhythm
Stole this rhythm from Little Feat
They’re the only people walkin’ down my street
Got this groove from JJ Cale
He’s the only one to put wind in my sail

Bayou rhythm
Bayou rhythm
Bayou rhythm gonna make me lose my mind

I bought this slide from Smith’s guitars
It’s a thing they call the Melobar
Reaches down inside my soul
S’gotta hook just like my fishin’ pole

Bayou rhythm
Bayou rhythm
Bayou rhythm gonna make me lose my mind
Track Name: Wait 'Til I Get Your Hands On Me
Wait ‘til I get your hands on me
Wait ‘til I get you home
We’ll make natural history
Gone, gone, gone

Don’t try to fight it
There ain’t no way that you can win
Just get behind it
Love train’s coming round again

What’ll it take for you to see
When are you gonna learn
You can’t stop the fire in me
Burn, burn, burn
Track Name: It Just Hangs In The Air
The road we’re on keeps twistin’ and turnin’
The journey of our lifes, we’ve done some miles
Kinda like the way you laugh at me
Kinda like the sadness in your smile
Shoot right to the heart of conversation
We can talk all night without a care
You may not speak to me, I may not talk to you
It just hangs in the air

People that you meet might give you reason
To doubt the things you know are true
It seems everyone needs something to believe in
We all need someone who cares
Living on the edge of understanding
Standing on the edge of life they stare
They may not ask you why
Or where the reasons lie
It just hangs in the air

Hold on tight
The road ahead is rocky driving through the night
We’ve got our headlights on
We’ve got our morning sun
That’s right, that’s right
Track Name: When Friday Comes Around
We like the base when it’s up real loud
We like the buzz that’s going round
We like the stars and we like the street
We like the shoes there on your feet
But most of all we like it
When Friday comes around

We try our best to get it right
We sleep all day and we rock all night
Summer, winter’s all the same
We party on, we got no shame
But most of all we like it
When Friday comes around

We like the bars, we like the heat
We like that Texas boogie beat
We punch the air we stand our ground
We smile a lot, we move around
But most of all we like it
When Friday comes around

We don’t need much to keep us right
Just beer and friends on a Friday night
A hardwood floor and a Miller sign
And a band that rocks ‘til closing time
Track Name: That'll Be Enough
I don’t need no ten room mansion
I don’t need no fancy car
I just need to know what you’re doing
I just need to know where you are

I don’t need no stressful day job
I don’t need no bosses on my case
I just need a moment in this chaos
I just need to move at my own pace

Make a little music
Make a little love
Spend time with your friends and family
That’ll be enough

Try and see the sun up in the grey sky
Try to keep your feet on the ground
Be there for your brother when he needs you
Give him what he needs when he comes round